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The most powerful dispensary management system just arrived.

Welcome to Unify.


How does Unify power dispensaries?

Unify is an all-in-one platform for building customer relationships, making smart business decisions, and managing day to day operations.


Build lasting relationships with your customers. Share news, specials deals, and discounts through targeted email and SMS campaigns.

Business Intelligence

Make smarter business decisions based on data. Track your key metrics in real time and as trends over any timeframe for multiple stores.


Forecast inventory levels and plan orders. Set and track daily tasks for your stores. Track your key metrics on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Unify is designed for the next generation of Cannabis businesses.

Built for mobile

Unify is the only dispensary management system with native iOS and Android applications.


Check if your budtenders are hitting their daily sales goals. Make sure your inventory is stocked with the right products. Get red-flag alerts for questionable transactions. Right from your phone.

Built for scale

Unify is built for multiple licenses and locations. Easily toggle between company-wide metrics and individual stores to see how each team is performing based on clean, consistent data.


Use data to make smarter business decisions.

Unify comes with over 60 standard reports highlighting transactions, employees, customers, products, and more. To see the full list of standard reports and demo how easy it is to build custom reports please fill out the contact form below.

Budtenders are driving revenue from the front lines of your business and understanding their performance is key to hitting your larger goals. Unify Retail allows you to track total sale amounts, average sale amounts, number of tickets, net & percent discounts, daily & hourly sales goals and more.

Price per pound of flower sold is a key metric for any Cannabis dispensary, as flower often accounts for a significant percent of revenue. Unify Retail lets you easily track this metric broken down by timeframe, location, strain, and more. With one click you can drill deeper into your data to see more details.

Understanding your profit margins is key to developing your purchasing, merchandising, and marketing strategies. Unify Retail lets you easily track profit margins by product, strain, classification and more - over any timeframe for one or multiple locations.

Use Unify Retail to filter your customers into distinct segments. Run targeted email and SMS campaigns to help achieve your marketing goals - from launching a new product, moving old inventory off the shelves, or hitting your monthly sales goal with a last minute push.

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