Build lasting relationships with your customers. Share news, specials deals, and discounts through targeted email and SMS campaigns.


Make smarter business decisions based on data. Track your key metrics in real time and as trends over any timeframe for multiple stores.


Forecast inventory levels and plan orders. Set and track daily tasks for your stores. Track your key metrics on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Unify Retail is an all-in-one platform for building customer relationships,

making smart business decisions,

and managing day to day operations.

Unify is designed for the next generation of Cannabis businesses.

Built for mobile

Unify is the only dispensary management system with native iOS and Android applications.


Check if your budtenders are hitting their daily sales goals. Make sure your inventory is stocked with the right products. Get red-flag alerts for questionable transactions. Right from your phone.

Built for scale

Unify is built for multiple licenses and locations. Easily toggle between company-wide metrics and individual stores to see how each team is performing based on clean, consistent data.

Unify has the most affordable text message marketing program + powerful reporting.


Create custom segments based on any combination of customer data, including:

Customer Age

Distance from their home to the store

Purchase History

Favorite Product

Lifetime Spend & Lifetime Discount

Number of Purchases

Average Purchase Amount

Special Pricing Groups (Veterans, Seniors)

Favorite Type of Product


Manually or automatically send micro-targeted text messages to specific customer segments.

1.5 Cents per Text

No Monthly Commitments

No Minimum Purchase Amount

Pay As You Go


Use reports and dashboards to understand the customer trends that are affecting your business.

Track revenue, average purchase amount, and number of purchases across segments & timeframes.

See what days and times each segment prefers to shop and schedule your marketing and staffing needs accordingly.

See who your top customers are, what they're buying, and how to move other customers into that segment.

Learn what drives each customer segment and optimize your marketing over time.


Unify helps you understand your business and make smarter decisions.

Multiple Store Reports

Easily compare how multiple locations are performing on your most important metrics like Number of Repeat Customers, Average Sale Amount, and Number of Sales. Use these insights to improve performance across your stores.

Budtender Reports

Report on key budtender performance metrics like net sales, average sale amount, net weight sold, and number of sales - broken down by product type, individual product - over any timeframe.

Vendor Reports

Quickly look up Vendor contact information, order history, current inventory levels, lifetime spend, and other metrics. Use this information to get better pricing and maintain strong partnerships.

Product Reports

Easily track key product metrics like Net Sales, Weight Sold, Gross & Net Profit, and Number of Items Sold over any timeframe. Make smarter merchandizing decisions based on real data.

Inventory Reports

See your current inventory levels on desktop and mobile. Track inventory changes over daily and weekly increments. Easily identify inventory discrepancies in your POS system.

Custom Reports

We'll help build custom reports based on any data you have in Unify. Track Price per Pound of Bud vs. Shake, Tax exemptions, Transactions with high discounts, or anything else that will make managing your stores easier.

Unify helps you keep tabs on what's happening in your dispensaries - from any device.

Task Management

Create recurring tasks for things like store opening & closing checklists, inventory audits, and anything else that needs to get done daily. Create individual tasks for anything that isn't recurring.

Budtenders can log into the mobile app on their phones or on POS tablets to see tasks assigned to them and mark them off as complete.

Managers and owners can see what's getting done in real time and hold employees accountable with simple reports.

Custom Home Pages

The Home Page is your central hub in Unify. We'll set up a custom Home Page with everything you need to get a quick overview of your business. Keep tabs on daily metrics and tasks, find links to your favorite reports and dashboards, and quickly see recently viewed records.


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